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Painting & Mixed Media

I typically work in several media over the course of a year. I have been painting with acrylics on canvas, and drawing and painting on book pages. There's something comforting in starting with a surface that isn't blank. Although I usually choose books at random from the discards at library sales, I often find that synchronicity has made an odd match of my visual or conceptual intent with the pages I chose. I pick up odd materials as I walk on old trails around Maine, and often an interesting seedpod, rusting piece of metal, or unusual stone will serve as the impetus for a new work.
Fern Wood - ink on book page

Allium and Iris - Acrylic on Canvas

Ice Patterns 1- Acrylic on Canvas

Two in Autumn - Acrylic on Canvas

Ice Patterns 2- Acrylic on Canvas

Two in Winter - Acrylic on Canvas